Plug into a holistic suite of eMobility solutions for design and engineering, production and metrology.

Hexagon offers industry an integrated approach to improve, speed up and simplify the development of electric vehicles by targeting key challenges facing designers, engineers and manufacturers.

EV Challenge: Thermal management

As the eMobility race progresses the leaders will be those that grapple with and overcome complex thermal challenges.

thermal-1 thermal-2 thermal-3

EV Challenge: Range

Range anxiety?  Tackle the biggest perception issue for EVs head on and create more efficient electric vehicles.

range-1 range-2 range-3

EV Challenge: Quality and performance

100%EV is not about being ‘as good as’ combustion. It’s about creating a new class of vehicle which outperforms the old at every turn.

performance-3 performance-1 performance-2

EV Challenge: Noise, vibration and harshness

Tackling noise and vibration intelligently to improve EV cabin audio experience.

noise-1 noise-2 noise-3

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