Discover why smart manufacturing, not scale, may be the key to success in the electric vehicle pivot in this report from Wards Research.

The Electric Vehicle Pivot

The automotive industry is the crucible for so many of the fundamental changes that are taking place in manufacturing because of technology convergence. OEMs and the supply chain recognise the need to adapt to the dynamics and consequences of technology convergence and megatrends but are still struggling with the scale and speed of the change necessary.

This paper provides insight and analysis based on research and survey data on the evolving automotive supply chain and the emergence of smart manufacturing associated with industry megatrends, in particular the escalating shift to electric vehicles (EV). The survey confirms the impact of the mainstream trends, and that the industry is on the threshold of change.

Download your free copy of the Wards Intelligence whitepaper The electric vehicle pivot: Why smart manufacturing, not scale, may be the key to success and learn: 

  • How the pandemic changed the global automotive market in 2020 and the resulting effect on digitalisation 
  • What impact the electric revolution will have on established automotive industry operating models and supply networks 
  • What automotive industry professionals view as the biggest risks of the EV pivot 
  • Why lower barriers to entry are encouraging disruptive new players into the automotive field 
  • How your industry peers are introducing smart manufacturing technology to gain an advantage in the shift to electric vehicles 

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