The time is right to combine and commit our thinking, resource and solutions to speed up the evolution and adoption of eMobility.

Paolo Guglielmini

President, Manufacturing Intelligence division, Hexagon

100% of vehicles in the world need to be electric

It’s an ambitious goal dependent on many factors, but it’s one we believe is worth working towards. This is why Hexagon has created 100%EV – to help accelerate electrification.


EVs are predicted to represent a third of the automotive market by 2025 and 51% by 2030. But we believe the automotive industry can make this shift even faster, and we want to support your efforts to do so.


We aim to offer a new set of smart manufacturing technologies for engineers, designers and OEMs, blending our experience in automotive design and engineering, production and metrology to help you make the journey toward 100%EV faster and more cost-effective.

100%EV is powering toward a new EV future

Our holistic approach will benefit your bottom line, the customer experience and the environment, the result being a smarter, more sustainable world for us all.

Working to meet tomorrow's EV goals today

Electrification is the biggest disruption to the automotive industry in decades. It is challenging industry norms from consumer demand through to manufacturing operations and even sales models. Consumer awareness of sustainability and environmental issues is rising, increasing interest in EVs. The desirability factor is also high, driven by our fast-moving technology culture, though many drivers don’t yet have a clear idea of what they actually want from an EV.


At the same time, environmental targets are driving dynamic regulatory change in the automotive industry. Seventy-three countries have announced 100% net-zero CO2 targets by 2050, but globally shared targets are a long way off. Many OEMs also have their own EV targets in place – all increasing the demands on designers working to meet the needs of each local market.


Despite the relative immaturity of the market globally, EV sales continued to rise during the global COVID-19 lockdowns in contrast to internal combustion engine counterparts. And with eMobility seen as the forerunner to the digitally connected, autonomous cars of the future, getting ahead of EV demand today will put manufacturers in pole position for the next mobility revolution.

The EV market requires more vehicle variety and lower volumes, a rethink of established industry models

eMobility is the forerunner to the digitally connected cars of the future

Estimated EV markt growth(% new sales)

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Source: Boston Consulting Group, 2020



The automotive industry has pivoted to meet regulations and specific design, engineering and manufacturing hurdles. OEMs understand that to offer consumers the choice, technology, quality and comfort they desire, there will need to be a greater variety of electric vehicles. They also recognise the potential of EVs to simplify vehicle technology and are targeting the creation of multiple new modular platforms that maximise the benefits of removing some of the physical constraints of conventional vehicles.


For OEMs and suppliers, a more intelligent, integrated approach from design through to manufacture is required and that’s where Hexagon can help. We’ve created 100%EV to accelerate your successful transformation. Together we will make the production of electric vehicles easier, increasing your productivity, lowering your costs and reducing time to market.

A mix of global targets and aspirations need to be aligned



25% of vehicles to be electric



23-33% electric passenger vehicles



California (USA)
No new gasoline or diesel powered passenger cars



100% electric passenger vehicles

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